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Publish Date: May 1, 2023

Matthew Alanis receives scholarship from Margie Orland.

Photo: Matthew Alanis receives scholarship from Margie Orland.

Crafton Hills College (CHC) Fire Academy 108 student Matthew Alanis was awarded the Michael Orland Endowed Scholarship, established by Michael Orland, a graduate of CHC Fire Academy #34 and retired paramedic captain for the San Manuel Fire Department.

Orland, who was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer in 2017 and passed away in September of 2021, began awarding scholarships in 2020 to a deserving cadet of each Crafton Hills Fire Academy. The recipient is someone who has overcome significant challenges and displays the necessary courage, perseverance, and tenacity it takes to be a firefighter.

Orland’s mother, Margie Orland, has been presenting the scholarship in his honor since his passing. Margie applauded all twelve applicants for submitting such impressive applications and shared that she ultimately chose Matthew Alanis because of his extensive volunteer hours, academic achievements, and a passage in his essay that stood out. Alanis had written, “Oftentimes we envy people for their accomplishments, but oftentimes it’s their hardships that create their character.” Margie believes that Michael became the person he was because of his hardships.

Alanis has applied to the US Forest Service and hopes to work the upcoming fire season upon completion of the Academy. Next fall, Alanis hopes to obtain a position as an EMT to earn the hours he needs to enter the Crafton Hills College Paramedic Program.

Cadet Alanis was grateful to be the recipient and shared how much he admires Michael Orland: “This is the person who I want to become and strive to gain his character throughout my growth in the fire service.” Through the Michael Orland Endowed Scholarship and the accomplishments of the recipients, Captain Orland’s legacy will live on in perpetuity.

To learn more about the scholarships offered or to support the Michael Orland Endowment Scholarship Fund at CHC, visit the Scholarships page.