Crafton Hills College to Expand Class Scheduling Options for Students Skip to main content

Publish Date: March 6, 2023

Crafton Hills College will soon become a member of the California Virtual Campus Consortium (CVC) as a Teaching College.

The CVC is a state-wide initiative that provides students with access to online courses and degrees from participating colleges and universities across California. By becoming a teaching college, students from throughout California will have access to courses offered at Crafton Hills through its online course offerings.

A problem community college students encounter is finding a class they need to complete their program requirements at a time that fits their schedule. Classes that have small enrollment numbers are typically offered only once every two or four semesters. Students may have to wait a semester or even a year to enroll in a class required to complete their program.

As a Teaching College, Crafton Hills College will offer students a comprehensive range of online courses, as well as opportunities to pursue degrees in a flexible, accessible format. The College’s participation in the CVC will provide students with increased access to high-quality education and a wide selection of programs and courses as well as the student support services needed by students.

Crafton Hills College’s participation in the CVC will allow it to expand its reach and provide more students with access to a quality education, regardless of location.