9-11-2020 Communication to Campus
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Dear campus community,

We write to you today with a full appreciation of the delicate time we live in: the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 and the recent wildfires that have displaced families from their homes, polluted the air we breathe, and damaged our forests. To those who have been directly affected or lost a loved one, our thoughts are with you.

As we confront these challenges, we are reminded that we are in this together. We are especially thankful to our first responders, health care providers, and countless students, faculty, and staff who have extended a helping hand to those in our community who need it most. 

While the timing may not seem ideal, we have an important update to share with you about the Spring 2021 semester. 

After careful consideration of COVID-19 rates in San Bernardino County and an expected flu season this winter, our campuses will continue with online learning and remote working for the academic term that begins January 19 through May 25, 2021. 

We will continue conferring with public health officials and make an announcement by April on how we will deliver classes in Summer 2021. 

While we are just a few weeks into the Fall 2020 semester, our announcement today is meant to help you prepare and plan for a healthy and successful academic year. 

A limited number of classes will continue taking place in-person, and essential work will continue on campus while following public health guidance.

We are all eager to return to campus life, and when we do, we must do so carefully and safely. We have a plan in place to guide how and when we will return. See our Coronavirus Return to the Workplace Plan (pdf).

As you know, both COVID-19 and flu illnesses can spread from person-to-person, mainly by droplets made when people cough, sneeze, or talk. Let us continue doing our part to keep each other safe by wearing our masks, washing our hands, and keeping our physical distance. Our actions save lives.

If you or someone you know needs financial help, food or housing assistance, or mental health support, we are here to help.

At Crafton Hills College, visit Student Resources.

At San Bernardino Valley College, visit the Valley 360 Resource Center.

You may also access resources from the County of San Bernardino at sbcovid19.com or the State of California at covid19.ca.gov.

Be well,

Jose F. Torres, Interim Chancellor

Dr. Kevin Horan, President

Diana Z. Rodriguez, President

Kristina Hannon, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Police Services

Angel Rodriguez, Senior Director of Marketing, Public Affairs & Government Relations