5-1-2020 Virtual commencement - videos for the opening ceremony
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Happy Friday, Roadrunners!

We are working on the virtual Commencement ceremony scheduled for May 22 at 6 p.m. and we want you to be part of it!

The Commencement committee is requesting that you consider participating by helping us create a memorable online opening ceremony. Our goal is to create a montage of employees waving, giving thumbs up, saluting, and smiling so students can see familiar faces.

Here is what we ask- a two-step process:

  • Record yourself through a tablet, laptop, or cell phone for 8 seconds
  • Upload to your OneDrive and share your link with me, or reply to this email with your recording in its original format

Please note, we will edit down your video to 3-5 seconds and no sound will be used. We will have music instead.

We ask that you complete this by Tuesday, May 5th at 5:00pm. We know it is a quick turnaround, but hope you can spend a few minutes this weekend.

Below are best practices.

  • Set your phone on a solid surface at eye level. DO NOT hold your phone in your hand
  • Record in “Landscape” (your phone is on its side) NOT “Portrait” (where your phone is upright)
  • Set up in a well-lit room or outside. Bright light sources (windows, lamps, the sun) should be facing you so your face is lit.
  • Clean your eyeglasses prior to filming.
  • Look directly into the CAMERA of your phone. NOT into your own eyes on the phone.
  • Be aware of the background. Please clean up, close open doors, etc. However, if you need to have your little one(s) with you, or your pets, feel free!
  • Dress appropriately. Show our students you care!


Thanks for your help!