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Eligible students are going to be receiving the new CARES 2 (CCOV2) awards on Thursday directly through Financial Aid. If you did not receive the award, you can apply for $230 on a first-come-first-served basis. 53 students in total will receive these funds. Apply today for the CARE2 application. (Applications now closed.)

Celebrate Gay-pril at Potatohead's Pronoun Pizza Panel

TODAY at noon. Register NOW

Potatohead's Pronoun Pizza Panel

 Also today at noon. Join us for an interactive discussion on Ch. 3 of Joshua Davis' best-selling book, Spare Parts. We'll explore Achievement as a theme. Register Now

Spare Parts

 Struggling with feeling down. Join us at our “Each Mind Matters” Student Seminar
Handling Depression: Staying Up When You’re Feeling Down”
Tuesday April 20, 2020 1-2 p.m..
Confer Zoom link:

APPLY for Graduation in Summer 2021 and still be eligible to participate in the virtual commencement on May 26. The deadline to submit your application is April 30! 


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