3-19-20 CHC President's Message
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At the conclusion of today’s daily management team check-in (now by zoom meeting), I have to tell you we are inspired by our Crafton community.  There are countless stories of individuals (classified, faculty, managers and students) doing extraordinary things to keep the college moving forward, serving students, and continuing to be a resource for our community.

It is important to acknowledge not only are people stepping up and performing small miracles, but that many, if not all, are also experiencing a heightened level of stress.  Each morning we wake up and learn that things are still getting worse and not better.  We each are hearing about friends, or friends of friends, now directly impacted by COVID-19.  We have cancelled trips to conferences, cancelled long planned personal vacations, and there isn’t a person among us that is not just a little worried about the TP situation. 

Take time to acknowledge your own stress.  Make the time to take those deep breaths.  Remember to give yourself and others some grace as we navigate these unchartered waters and the unknown.  Be kind to others and try not to unnecessarily stock pile items from the grocery store.  We will get through this, we will thrive as a community.

Crafton Hills College is taking measures to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We are making incredible progress in moving instruction and services to a remote format.  We will be communicating more of these details tomorrow, so that you have the same information we will be providing to students.

Thank you all for stepping up and “Apollo 13ing” the incredibly complex task of taking a college almost completely online/remote in literally just a matter of days.  You truly are inspiring.