3-17-20 Communication to Faculty
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Dear Faculty!

I want to thank everyone for your hard work and how everyone is coming together! You are all amazing!

I have some additional information to share with you.

The training for this week has been moved to be completely online and remote. The updated training schedule for this week is available online. The training for next week will be available shortly.

We have also been working on creating additional resources to help with your transition to remote education. Currently, these are available as a PDF document with hyperlinks and will soon be available on the COVID-19 Website.

The District has also made some decisions regarding remote and face-to-face (F2F) education. Again, keep in mind that these can change at any time moving forward.

1.    The campus is going to provide remote education for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester. With the exceptions noted below, all courses will need to be offered remotely.

2.    The following licensure CTE Programs may be offered F2F as long as fewer than 10 students, faculty, and staff are meeting at one time: Respiratory, RADTECH, Fire Academy, Paramedic, and EMT.  As best as possible, these programs will need to arrange their schedules so that the F2F activities occur towards the latter part of the semester. 

3.    The science labs will be able to offer F2F instruction as long as fewer than 10 students, faculty, and staff are meeting at one time. Achieving this will require some creativity in how this is scheduled and how we communicate with students. Please work with your Dean and Department Chair.

4.    The library and tutoring center in the LRC will have limited hours for F2F access as long as fewer than 10 students, faculty, and staff are meeting at one time.  The hours will be on the COVID-19 website as soon as they are available. (Edit: Tutoring will need to be 100% online.)

Thank you all for the incredible work you are doing! I hope that you and your families are safe!

As we learn more information I will share it with you.


Keith Wurtz, Ph.D.

Crafton Hills College

Vice President of Instruction


Chair, Enrollment Management Strategies Committee

Co-Chair, Planning and Program Review Committee

ALO Coordinator