3-17-20 CHC President's Message
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As you have heard, we will begin enforcing a largely remote work arrangement for the majority of personnel.  This will take effect Thursday, March 19th.  We are in the process of determining which personnel are deemed necessary/essential to work physically on campus.  We will have this list finalized by the end of the day tomorrow.  We are working through the logistics of identifying enough laptops to provide to these essential employees, so that they may VPN into our network to connect to systems such as colleague, financial 2000, etc.  Staff will not be able to VPN into the network via any personal laptops. For security reasons, they must be district devices.

Let me just say each of you are essential.  Don’t read into it if you are directed to work remotely and not come back to campus.  Also, don’t be surprised if you are given assignments to complete while you are working remotely, such as reading our draft Accreditation Insitutional Self Evaluation Report (ISER) 😊.

We will also be communicating more information tomorrow regarding lab based classes and services that will remain open.  We are currently working out the details.

Please continue to be patient as we work through these important details.