12-07-20 CHC President's Message to Campus Regarding New COVID Stay at Home Order
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Again we find ourselves experiencing extraordinary circumstances.  While we already had limited activities and classes taking place on our campus, effective today, we will be further limiting personnel on-campus where ever possible for the remainder of this year. 

Faculty that are teaching face-to-face sections have been contacted by their area Deans to discuss how/if their classes will continue face-to-face for the rest of the term.  All essential staff that will be permitted to work on campus, will be requested to report to work directly by their supervisor.  If you have any questions regarding your work assignments, please contact your immediate supervisor.

We will still keep the library open as previously scheduled to ensure students can continue to have access to computer labs, as well as a warm, safe space to study.

We will continue to have the pool open for recreation lap swim only, as is permitted by the Governor’s order, however, we will be restricting any team and/or group activities while the order is in effect.

While this evolving situation is disappointing, I am confident we will continue to serve our students and community in the same stellar fashion we have been doing all semester.  Each of your efforts, every innovation, every extra mile, has made a world of positive difference for our students.

Thank you for your outstanding work.  Together we will continue to thrive.