Phone System

Beginning on June 10 th, 2004 Crafton Hills College began upgrading our existing phone system to a new VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system. This new system will provide the college with state-of the-art capabilities and tremendously enhance the functionality of our campus phones. This page was created to help our faculty and staff get information about the new phone system, access online tutorials, sign up for training, etc. Additionally, there is a link to a site maintained by District Computing Services which is tracking (and will eventually archive) the implementation process for anyone who would like more detailed information on the phone system, how the installation is progressing, and other technical data. Any information believed to be useful to our end-users regarding our new VOIP phone system will be organized and available here.

Interactive Phone Help

Provided by Cisco, below you will find interactive tutorials on the new phones we have installed on the campus. These are very cool tutorials that allow you to interact with a ‘virtual’ phone that rings, highlights areas of interest, and lets you watch processes for doing things like setting up call forwarding, placing conference calls, etc. Below you will find a separate link for each of the models of phones we have installed on the campus. To view these links, simply click on the model you want to view.

Model 7960 Tutorial

Model 7940 Tutorial

Traditional Print Resources

In addition to the Interactive and Face-to-Face training items listed above, traditional print materials for the new phones installed on campus are also available. As we receive this kind of printed media we will post here so that those who desire a printed copy of the information can get it quickly.

Implementation Archive

The upgrading of our phone system is a major, and expensive undertaking which has required a great deal of planning and coordination to implement. During the course of the implementation District Computing Services has maintained a website which provides items such as implementation schedules, the monitoring of implementation progress, technical information about the system, and other items deemed important to capture, share, archive. Use the link below access the phone implementation archive.

Phone FAQ (frequently asked questions)

As we move forward with our new phone system there will undoubtedly be questions that are not easily answered using the other resources provided on this area of the Technology Services website. As questions are asked and answered, we will add them to the Phone FAQ. If you need information about the phone system which is not addressed in our other resources please call Technology Services (x3550) or email us to let us know what you need. After we answer your question we’ll likely place it here on the Phone FAQ.