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Crafton Hills College Faculty Ethics Statement

  1.  In our responsibility to Students, we:
    • Demonstrate respect for students as individuals;
    • Adhere to proper roles as intellectual guides and advisors;
    • Encourage intellectual curiosity and challenging discourse in safe classroom
    • Demonstrate sensitivity to the educational needs of our diverse student population;
    • Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect by avoiding exploitation, objectification,
      harassment, or discriminatory treatment of students;
    • Ensure that the evaluation of a student reflects the true merit of that student’s work.
  2.  In our responsibility to discipline, we:
    • Maintain scholarly competence;
    • Adhere to course outline of record;
    • Maintain honest academic conduct.
  3. In our responsibility to colleagues, we:
    • Do not discriminate against or harass colleagues;
    • Respect the pursuit of free inquiry and academic freedom;
    • Show due respect for the opinions of others;
    • Maintain a climate of professional respect;
    • Accept responsibility for institutional shared governance.
  4. In our responsibility to the college, we:
    • Seek to be effective educators and scholars;
    • Recognize the effect of our interruption or termination of service and thus, will provide
      due notice;
    • Avoid creating conflicts of interest in the exercise of multiple professional activities;
    • Create a safe, trusting, non-hostile, and open learning environment;
    • Respect the regulations of SBCCD, while maintaining our right to criticize and seek
      revision to improve these regulations.
  5. In our responsibility to the community, we:
    • Uphold the integrity of SBCCD by identifying statements as one’s own and avoiding
      creating the impression of speaking or acting on behalf of the college;
    • Promote conditions for free inquiry and to further public understanding of academic