Almost all spring classes will be offered remotely, online, or hybrid.

If the class has the days and times listed, you will need to be available remotely on those days and times. If the class does not have days and times, the class is a traditional online course and will not have set times in which you will need to meet online. If the class meets in-person, the building and room numbers will be listed.

Class Schedule
as of 03/07/2021 12:35:01 PM Pacific Standard Time

Crafton Hills College
Spring 2021
Kinesiology (Fitness, CHC)

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Select one of the following courses :

KIN/F-970A - Personal Fitness Assessment I KIN/F-970B - Personal Fitness Assessment II
KIN/F-970C - Personal Fitness Assessment III KIN/F-970D - Personal Fitness Assessment IV
KIN/F-049 - Basic Firefighter Physical Fitness KIN/F-105A - Cardiovascular Conditioning I
KIN/F-105B - Cardiovascular Conditioning II KIN/F-105C - Cardiovas Conditioning III
KIN/F-105D - Cardiovascular Conditioning IV KIN/F-106A - Total Body Fitness I
KIN/F-106B - Total Body Fitness II KIN/F-106C - Total Body Fitness III
KIN/F-106D - Total Body Fitness IV KIN/F-107A - Zumba Fitness I
KIN/F-107B - Zumba Fitness II KIN/F-107C - Zumba Fitness III
KIN/F-107D - Zumba Fitness IV KIN/F-108A - Resistance and Weight Training I
KIN/F-108B - Resistance & Weight Training II KIN/F-108C - Resistance and Weight Training III
KIN/F-108D - Resistance & Weight Training IV KIN/F-121A - Mind Body Fusion I
KIN/F-121B - Mind Body Fusion II KIN/F-127A - Walking for Fitness I
KIN/F-127B - Walking for Fitness II KIN/F-127C - Walking for Fitness III
KIN/F-127D - Walking for Fitness IV KIN/F-155A - Pilates I
KIN/F-155B - Pilates II KIN/F-155C - Pilates III
KIN/F-155D - Pilates IV KIN/F-166A - Barre Fitness I
KIN/F-168A - Yoga I KIN/F-168B - Yoga II
KIN/F-168C - Yoga III KIN/F-168D - Yoga IV
KIN/F-190A - Tai Chi I KIN/F-190B - Tai Chi II
KIN/F-190C - Tai Chi III KIN/F-190D - Tai Chi IV
KIN/F-191A - Hiking for Fitness I KIN/F-191B - Hiking for Fitness II
KIN/F-191C - Hiking for Fitness III KIN/F-191D - Hiking for Fitness IV