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If the class has the days and times listed, please check the class notes to determine if you will be required to be on campus or be available for synchronous Zoom sessions. Whether in-person or remote, you will need to be available on those days and times. If the class does not have days and times, the class is a traditional online course and will not have set times in which you will need to meet online. If the class meets in-person, the building and room numbers will be listed.

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Class Schedule
as of 09/24/2021 06:37:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time


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Crafton Hills College
Fall 2021
American Sign Language

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Course Information

Course Name : ASL-105

Course Title : American Sign Language V

Course Description : Continued intermediate/advanced study of American Sign Language as used by the Deaf community in the United States. Study of increasingly more advanced vocabulary and grammatical structures including the use of slang and idioms, with an emphasis on self-expression and everyday conversations.

Additional Course Information

Credit Type : Earned units for this course are applicable to an Associate Degree.

Transferability : Course credit transfers to both CSU and UC.

Prerequistite : ASL 104.

Departmental Recommendation : Eligibility for ENGL 101.

What does it mean under days?

Days contain S, M, T, W, R, F, S and/or Arrange. They stand for the following :
S : Sunday.    M : Monday.    T : Tuesday.    W : Wednesday.    R : Thursday.    F : Friday.    S : Saturday.   
Arrange : You must arrange a certain amount of time (under Start and End) with the instructor

Special Room Codes

Room Codes
ZOOMRMTEThe class is 100% remote and students are required to be available during the day and meeting times. Instruction will occur during this time.
ONLINEThe class is 100% online and is being offered as a traditional online class with no required meeting times. All work will be done asynchronously.
ZOOMIPThe class is partially remote meeting synchronously when it is online on the specified days and times. Some of the meetings are on campus and in-person (IP).
ONLIIPThe class is partially online meeting asynchronously when it is online. Some of the meetings are on campus and in-person (IP). These are specified in the schedule.

How long are these classes?

Classes are 17 weeks, unless stated otherwise.

Sections Offered
Ref# Sec Days Start End Type Units Bldg Bldg# Room Instructor
0042 71 --T---- 01:00P 02:50P LEC 3.00 CNTL 306 Andrews,B
    Arranged 1.15 hrs/wk DE-LEC   Andrews,B
This section has been cancelled.

Note : This hybrid class includes seventeen (17) on-campus meetings and online components. Participation in this class requires the student to have regular access to a computer, tablet or similar device with internet connectivity and Canvas capability. On the first day of class students must log into Canvas to access this course and receive initial information from the instructor (typically located on the announcement page of the course).