Community Crisis Response Team (CCRT) for Adults and Children

San Bernardino County crisis walk-in clinics 

Loma Linda Behavioral Health

Support services offered by students, residents, and faculty. Services include therapy for individuals, couples and families; individual play therapy; psychological assessments; psychiatric evaluations; group therapy; career counseling; medication assessment and management; psychotherapy; care partners; anger management; parenting and seasonal support groups.

Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center

Treatment team consists of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, chaplains, dieticians, family counselors, and therapists who provide services for anxiety disorders; depression; physical, sexual, or emotional abuse issues; suicidal tendencies; other emotional and behavioral health problems and addiction.

SAC Health System (SACHS)

Low-cost behavioral health for those who qualify. Program and treatment services include outpatient mental health services, outpatient alcohol and drug treatment for adults, parenting apart, parenting wisely, integrated behavioral health care, family resource center, collaborative partnerships with community based organizations and parent-child interaction therapy on site.

South Coast Community Services

Therapy services available such as individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, couple's therapy, marriage and family therapy, parenting classes, psychological testing, psychiatric services, behavioral coaching and anger management.