Mental Health Counseling Services

The Health and Wellness Center offers depression counseling, stress testing and counseling, crisis intervention, and short-term situational counseling for relationship difficulties, anxiety, stress and other life difficulties. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist available.

NOTE: Appointments are needed for marriage/family therapist and stress and depression testing. Confidentiality is guaranteed by law. All CHC students who pay the Health Fee are eligible for eight free sessions of mental health counseling each academic year.

Clinical mental Health Counselors 2016-2017

  1. Vern Bradley, M.S., Licensed marriage/Family Therapist
    • Days/Hours: Wednesday 9-5
  2. Chris Hjortnaes, M.S., MFT Intern
    • Days/Hours: Monday through Wednesday 9-5, Thursday 9-3
  3. Kadi Cruickshanks, M.A. (in progress), Professional Clinical Counselor trainee
    • Days/Hours: Monday through Friday 9-3

For Appointments: Call 389-3272 or come in to the Health & Wellness office.