Pass / No Pass (Formerly Credit/No Credit CR/NC):

Courses may be offered in either or both of the following categories:

  • Courses in which all students are evaluated on a "pass/no pass" basis.
  • Courses in which each student may elect on registration, or by the end of the 4th week (or no later than the end of the first 30% of the term) to take the course on a "pass/no pass" basis. After the deadline, the only justification for a change from "pass/no pass" to a letter grade is institutional error or extraordinary circumstances that require approval through the college petition process.

Students electing to be evaluated on the "pass/no pass" basis will receive both course credit and unit credit upon satisfactory completion of the course. In computing a student's grade point average grades of "pass/no pass" are omitted. Student's may take up to fifteen (15) units of "Pass/No Pass" courses to apply toward graduation requirements. No course in your major or required by your major may be taken for "Pass/No Pass". However, "Pass/No Pass" for courses and subsequently declared a major in that course of study, the rule may be waived. A student must earn a grade of "C" to be granted "Pass" for a course.

Students are held responsible for all assignments and examinations required in the course. The standards of evaluation are identical for all students in the course.

Instructions and forms may be obtained in the Admissions & Records Office located in CCR-111. (Title 5 sec. 55022)