In extraordinary cases, where a student who has not completed the tenth grade demonstrates superior ability and capacity to succeed in college level work in a particular discipline, the college may consider admission of that student. Such consideration will be on a course-by-course basis and will be allowed only through the add/drop process, after open registration has been completed. Students below grade 11 wishing to enroll in courses must meet all of the requirements identified in the section above as well as any pre-requisites or departmental recommendations established for the course(s) in which they wish to enroll, as demonstrated by completion of the college assessment process.

Students in this category will be bound, as are all other students, by the syllabus of the course. Course content is non-negotiable. Moreover, parents are not permitted to attend classes with their children unless they are registered for the course. These students and their parents must complete an orientation process for each course conducted by the Counseling Department. The instructor of the course will have the final determination of whether any student below grade 11 will be allowed to enroll in his or her class.