Learning Community Students

CHC Students:

  • Want to make new friends?
  • Want to go beyond basics?
  • Want teachers who plan assignments together?
  • Want to be part of something new at Crafton?
  • Want to make lasting memories & connections?

What Are Learning Communities?

A learning community is a cluster of courses that a group of students take together to provide a deeper understanding of course subject matter while they build relationships with faculty and learn together outside the classroom.

There are several types of learning communities, but most of them have the following characteristics:

  • Course curriculum is integrated because two or more courses are linked by a common theme;
  • Students establish academic and social networks;
  • Students complete assignments and activities that help develop their general academic study skills;
  • Faculty interact closely with each other and their students to support the success of everyone in the learning community.

Participation in a learning community provides several benefits. As with most activities, what you get out of the community depends on what you put into it. However, research has shown that most students who participate in learning communities:

  • Earn higher GPAs
  • Have lower drop-out rates
  • Have greater success in other courses
  • Finish college sooner
  • Develop lasting connections with students and faculty
  • Are more satisfied with college

Top Reasons to Join a Learning Community According to CHC Students:

" Out of all my classes the learning community classes are the best. It is a great experience to make new friends and have an opportunity to make learning easier." ~Christina Eaton

"I learned a lot from learning community classes. Not only do you make new friends, but you have the opportunity to learn a different way!" ~Veronica Quintero

"I made lots of friends in the learning community, and I had a great time learning at the same time." ~Porsche Leibe

"I loved the learning community. As I took other individual courses I felt as though I had a closer unity from this learning community. This idea is a great one." ~Cheryl Choy

So What Are You Waiting For?

For more information, talk with your counselor.


Heuristic for Learning Community Curriculum Planning

CHC Learning Community Handbook