Industrial engineer, $85,110
Aerospace engineer, $107,700
Mechanical engineer, $87,140
Chemical engineer, $103,590
Civil engineer, $87,130
Electrical engineer, $95,780
Environmental engineer, $86,340
Agricultural engineer, $75,440
Computer hardware engineer, $110,650
Biomedical engineer, $91,760
Engineering technician, $65,430
Architectural and Civil Drafters, $52,480
Mechanical Engineering Technician, $55,470
Surveying and Mapping Technicians, $43,870

Bureau of Labor Statistics 2014 annual mean wage. Most positions require bachelor’s degree or above

Career Info

An engineering-based education provides exposure to various technical subjects and skill sets and can lead to further study and a career in the field of engineering. It is also an excellent foundation for transfer to a four-year university as an engineering major.

There is perhaps no other career that spans so many areas. There are engineers in agriculture, aerospace, business, entertainment, science, healthcare and manufacturing. There are industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, environmental engineers and many more.

Potential Careers

  • Industrial engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Environmental engineer
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Computer engineer
  • Biomedical engineer