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See the World in a Different Way

Why choose this program?

The economy of Japan is second only to that of the U.S., and many of the world’s largest and most efficient companies are from Japan. Even if your interest is only in Japanese pop culture, politics, art, music, history or literature, Japanese language and culture are a part of business, engineering, manufacturing, research, economics and politics.

What will I experience?

  • Gain basic proficiency interpreting, writing and speaking Japanese
  • Appreciate Japanese culture, social interactions, beliefs, values, arts, literature and music
  • Grasp the relationships and interactions between Japanese and other cultures
  • Interact with multicultural communities using your knowledge of Japanese language and culture 

What opportunities might it lead to?

An associate of arts in Japanese degree can lead to a career in international business or a variety of fields requiring translating and interpreting. It is also a stepping-stone to learning other Asian languages and the foundation for four-year college studies in Japanese language and culture.

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