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I teach people that deafness is not a disability but rather a linguistic and cultural minority group.

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Breanna Andrews

Faculty Co-Chair (oversees American Sign Language and Spanish), Communication and Language; Associate Professor, American Sign Languageo


B.A. Deaf Studies, California State University Northridge, May 2006
Single Subject Teaching Credential in American Sign Language, California State University Northridge, May 2008
M.A. Management, University of Redlands, January 2013

Year I Started at CHC:

2009 as part-time, 2012 as full-time


Southern California


I enjoy playing out doors with my family whether that be at the beach, mountains, camping, or on a lake. I also like to coach my kids in gymnastics and do it myself.


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The path to becoming a more effective communicator begins when we learn "Words don’t have meaning. People have meaning." "Emotions aren’t good or bad. They just are." and "If ever in doubt, the answer is empathy."

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Rick Hogrefe

Faculty Co-Chair, Communication and Language (oversees Communication Studies, Arabic and Japanese); Professor, Communication Studies