Certificate Information

Prepare for employment in entry-level positions in the field of Computer Information Systems by learning different aspects of information technology, including programming, hardware, networking, databases and Web design.

What will I experience?

By successfully earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Apply analytical and logical thinking to gathering and analyzing information, designing and testing solutions to problems, and formulating plans
  • Discuss the impact of information technology on society and the workplace
  • Select and evaluate appropriate written communication strategies and styles for a specific purpose
  • Demonstrate knowledge of individual parts that make up a stand-alone PC computer system, and the relationships between components 
  • Create and maintain Web pages 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the overall design and components of a LAN and WAN system
2017-2018 Major Sheet - Certificate (pdf)
2016-2017 Major Sheet - Certificate (pdf)

Course Offerings

Computer Information Systems courses are offered during the Summer 2018 semester.
Computer Information Systems courses are offered during the Fall 2018 semester.

Please see the College Catalog for additional information and requirements.