Certificate Information

The traditional craft of graphic design is not immune to technological advances, and what artists once created with rulers, pencils, and lettering stencils can today be produced using highly efficient computer programs. Graphic designers are not obsolete, but now require a working knowledge of additional tools. Our program give you an understanding of the software, theory and abilities required to pursue a career in Computer-Assisted Graphic Design, so that you’ll be ready for an entry-level position in the field.

What will I experience?

  • Create drawings and graphics for a wide range of applications
  • Comprehend the terminology of drawing and graphic design
  • Understand the legal, ethical, and moral issues of media communication
  • Work within the media copyright and legal regulatory environment
  • Select and evaluate visual communication strategies and styles
2017-2018 Major Sheet - Certificate (pdf)
2016-2017 Major Sheet - Certificate (pdf)

Course Offerings

Computer Information Systems courses are offered during the Summer 2018 semester.
Computer Information Systems courses are offered during the Fall 2018 semester.

Please see the College Catalog for additional information and requirements.