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Creativity at its best!

Why choose this program?

Whether you have been creating forever or you have recently wanted to learn something new, the Art Department at CHC welcomes you! Our curriculum is open to all and is a great option for your first two years of a bachelor’s degree. We offer a wide range of courses that explore both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional approaches to Studio Art.

What will I experience?

  • Studio courses with an emphasis on both technical skills and conceptual development
  • Exploration of a wide-range of traditional and experimental art media
  • Interaction with faculty who are professional artists
  • An opportunity to exhibit your work on campus in our beautiful gallery

What opportunities might it lead to?

We live in a visual culture, and studying visual art provides us with a new and informed way of seeing and interpreting the world. Many art students transfer to earn Bachelor’s of Arts/Bachelor's of Fine Arts degrees and then earn Master’s degrees (M.A.) or even the terminal degree of Master’s of Fine Arts (M.F.A) in their given field. Students who pursue degrees in Studio Art are laying a strong foundation for careers in many exciting and creative fields. According to the Creative Economy Report of 2013, published by OTIS College of Art and Design:

1 in 7 wage/ salaried jobs in the Los Angeles County area and 1 in 10 in the state of California are in creative industries.

49% of creative occupations require a bachelor’s degree or higher for an entry-level position
Given the trends, creative industry employment in California will total 719,700 wage and salary jobs in 2017. This will be a 5.6% increase (38,400) since 2012

Explore Careers and Opportunities

 Photo of Matt Sampson
"I learned so much about composition and form in these classes. I know it's really improved my skills as an artist." - Matt Sampson, Art Student