Associate Degree in Art


Annual Salaries 2012 of Creative Industries in California
Career Salary  Predicted Growth 2017
Digital Media  $162,865 13.2%
Visual and Performing Arts  $130,219 6.1%
Publishing & Printing   $112,899 3.0%
Toy Design   $98,716 2.7%
Product & Industrial Design   $94,314 2.1%
Communication Arts  $86,553 .5%
Architecture & Interior Design   $73,769 9.0%
Art galleries   $49,828 2.8%
Furniture & Decorative Arts   $45,111 11.5%
EMSI, 2021.1 dataset for San Bernardino and Riverside counties
Career Salary
Art Directors  $95,083.66 
Art, Drama, and Music Teacher, Postsecondary   $99,925.13 
Artists and Related Workers, All Other   $78,343.86 
Commercial and Industrial Designers  $62,752.23 
Craft Artists $45,252.48 
Curators $45,252.48  
Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and llustrators $66,456.00 
 Museum Technicians and Conservators $46,615.02  

Career Info

The associate of arts degree in art enriches an education by exposing students to a diverse worldview through the lens of the visual arts. Additionally, this degree may lead to entry-level employment in various fields in the visual arts as well as in areas such as cultural institutions (museums), commercial galleries and in art restoration and installation. It also serves as the first two years of a bachelor of arts in Studio Art (B.A) or bachelor of fine arts in Studio Art (B.F.A.).

OTIS Report on the Creative Economy 

Potential Careers

  • museum curator
  • film concept artist
  • costume designer
  • costume illustrator
  • fashion designer
  • illustrator
  • interior designer
  • landscape architect
  • museum technician or conservator
  • painter
  • photographer
  • jeweler
  • sculptor
  • set designer