Strong Workforce Program

The Strong Workforce Program (SWP) is a statewide effort to proactively address widely recognized gaps in workforce development throughout the State of California. According to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office (CCCCO), an estimated 1.9 million job openings in California in the next 10 years will require, at minimum, some college and/or an Associate’s degree. To address this demand, the CCCCO convened a statewide SWP Task Force in 2015 to examine ways to strengthen CTE student success at California’s community colleges, the primary providers of job training in the state. As a result of this discussion, in November 2015 the state SWP Task Force issued a list of 25 recommendations for improving CTE programs statewide. The Strong Workforce Program funding presents an exciting opportunity to strengthen Career and Technical Education enrollment. Below is a message from the CCCCO regard that past two years for SWP region allocations. 

Round 1:  2016-2017

Round 2:  2017-2018