Course Learning Outcomes
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The repository below contains course student learning outcome statements collected during the curriculum development and modification process.

ACCT-105       CD-134   MATH-090   MUSIC-154
ACCT-190   CD-136   MATH-090A   MUSIC-156
ACCT-208   CD-137   MATH-090B   MUSIC-174
ACCT-209   CHC-090   MATH-090C   MUSIC-175
ACCT-248   CHC-180/181   MATH-095A   MUSIC-176
ANAT 1   CIS   MATH-095C   MUSIC-190
ARABIC   CIS (FA11)   MATH-102   MUSIC-195
ART-275   CIS-180   MATH-103   MUSIC-201
ASL-104   CIS-211   MATH-117   MUSIC-202
BIOL-100   DANCE   MATH-250   MUSIC-245
BIOL-123   EMS   MATH-265   MUSIC-247
BUSAD-039   EMS-290   MATH (upper)   PBSF
BUSAD-053   ENGL-150   MATH-942ABC   PE
BUSAD-100   ENGL-152   MATH-952   POLIT
BUSAD-103   ENGL-163   MATH-962   PSYCH
BUSAD-105   ENGL-101/102   MCS-110   PSYCH-141
BUSAD-190   ENGL-976/010   MKT-100   READ
BUSAD-200   ENGL   MKT-105   READ-100
BUSAD-210   FIRE-115   MKT-106   RUSS
BUSAD-230                GEOG/GEOL/OCEAN       MKT-110             Skill Sports
BUSAD-248   GEO Program SLOs   MKT-190   SOC
CD-100   HEALTH-102   MUSIC-100   SOC-121
CD-101   HIST-145   MUSIC-101   SOC-145
CD-105   INTDIS-191   MUSIC-102   SPAN-019/020
CD-112   JAPN   MUSIC-103   SPEECH
CD-115   JOUR   MUSIC-120   SPEECH-100
CD-126   LRC-907   MUSIC-120H   ENVS-101/H
CD-130   LRC-920   MUSIC-135   THART
CD-131   LRC-925   MUSIC-150   THART-100
CD-133       MUSIC-152