In October 2010, Crafton Hills College received a Title V grant, which involves two Activities geared to infuse the campus with a culture emphasizing transfer, as well as data-driven decision-making.

Activity One: Strengthening Transfer and Success of Hispanic Students

Activity One, supported by and involving all areas of the college, will implement research-based strategies to develop a college culture that promotes, expedites, and values transfer with the overarching goal of improving transfer rates of Hispanic and at-risk students. Activity One will channel students through a series of student-college interactions designed to develop an expectation of transfer. Features of the activity will include a fully staffed Transfer Center; counseling and dissemination of transfer information in a variety of formats; a faculty-driven Transfer Advocates Program; a robust and expanded Honors program; and a Sophomore Experience program providing students with critical guidance and academic support in key gateway courses and an environment of engagement through transfer-level learning communities.  

Activity Two: Strengthening CHC Through Research and Increasing Capacity for
Resource Development

Activity Two will increase the college’s capacity to use data to help guide decisions including those regarding the effectiveness of transfer interventions. Capacity will also be addressed through the establishment of a grants office where college priorities will be linked to external funding sources, faculty and staff will be trained, and grants will be managed to assure compliance.