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Copy of District Site Facilities - 2010-2011
Steve Sutorus

Version: 28
Group: 2010 - 2011
Type: District Program Review
Last Modified On: 6/29/2011 12:14:27 PM
Last Modified By: Steve Sutorus
State: Submitted (Finalized)
State By: Steve Sutorus


1. Mission

  1. Assume the reader knows nothing about your unit. Please describe concisely its mission.

Provide District sites with Facilities support by performing physical plant maintenance, providing custodial and courier services, handling event setups.

2. Description

  1. Please describe concisely the following characteristics of your unit. Feel free to use both narrative and quantitative information.
    1. Purpose
    2. Functions or services
    3. Clientele(s)
    4. Value of your services to the clientele(s), the Colleges, and the District
    5. Organizational structure and number of personnel by function
    6. Annual budget by object code for the last three years
    7. Hours of operation, location, and other pertinent service characteristics
    8. Significant changes, if any, since the last program review

1) Purpose

The purpose of the Facilities Department is to maintain a safe, secure and functional working environment in which the District administrative offices can conduct business and training.

2) Functions or Services

The Facilities Department anticipates and provides for the daily ongoing needs for the District administrative offices, including:

- Custodial Services (i.e. cleaning restrooms, office spaces, meetings rooms, etc.)

- Operational Functions (i.e. maintaining the lighting, air conditioning, plumbing, landscaping, security, etc.)

- Meeting Room Setups (i.e. coordinating furniture layout, some audio/visual setup)

- Mail and Courier Services between the sites of the San Bernardino Community College District

3) Clientele

The Facilities Department serves the staff at the District Office, PDC, ATTC and Annex sites. The courier handles the delivery of mail between all District sites, including the campuses.

4) Value of Services to Clientele, Colleges and District

The Facilities Department assists the District offices to function in a normal business manner and provides ongoing support for all District meetings. The Facilities Department handles building maintenance and repairs, meeting setups, and the purchasing of bulk supplies for all District administrative office sites. The Facilities Department provides a safe working environment by assessing and responding to plant needs before problems occur.

In addition, the Facilities Department provides courier services to and from the campuses and the District Print Shop. Without this service, the District and campuses would have to pay more in postage and spend more personnel hours handling courier functions for their campuses.

5) Organizational Structure & Number of Personnel by Function

See Organizational Chart below. Currently there are 3 District employees in the Facilities Unit: one Lead Custodian, one Custodian, a Custodian/Courier, a 3 hours/day custodian. The department uses the VC Fiscal Services' administrative assistant for many facilities tasks. The Business Manager supervises the department.

6) Annual Budget by Object Code for the Last Three Years

The budget for the Facilities Department has been under development for the past three years. The budget for FY 11 is attached.

7) Hours of Operation, Location & Other Pertinent Service Characteristics

The custodial staff for the Del Rosa site work Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. The Annex Custodian works from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

8) Significant Changes Since Last Program Review

The Facilities Department was previously restructured under the Executive Director of Facilities, Planning & Administrative Services. Since July 2010, the M&O Supervisor has retired and was not replaced.  The Facilities administrative support position is vacant as well.  Plans to hire a new Facilities Director are currently underway (anticipated start date: August 2011).

3. Outcomes and Other Measures of Effectiveness

  1. Identify at least one essential measure of effectiveness for each major operation of the unit. (See Effectiveness Measurement Guidelines and Examples.)
  2. Include at least one baseline measure or measure of progress on a well-defined outcome.
  3. Include at least one measure showing effectiveness in responding to the Colleges’ needs.
  4. For each measure, identify the assessment method you used.
  5. Please summarize the results of the measures you have applied. If results showing trends over time are available, please report them.

1. Maintain a safe, secure and functional office environment.
- Measurement:  80% of survey respondents will agree or strongly agree with each statement on the quarterly office environment survey.
- Tool to Measure:  Annual surveys.
- Measure of Effectiveness in Responding to the Needs of the Colleges: Yes
- Measure of Baseline or Progress on an Outcome: Yes

2. Establishment a written plan for Facilities that will provide a baseline for performance.
- Measurement:  A written plan will exist.
- Tool to Measure:  Development of a comprehensive plan.
- Measure of Effectiveness in Responding to the Needs of the Colleges: Yes
- Measure of Baseline or Progress on an Outcome: Yes

4. External Opportunities and Challenges

  1. Describe any external opportunities that might lead to unit improvement over the next three to five years.
  2. Describe any external challenges (e.g., legal requirements, budgetary constraints) that might limit operations or improvement over the next three to five years.

a. Opportunities 
- Possible elimination of old Annex building and centralization of District sites (not campus) custodial function.
- Possible pooling of District-wide M&O staffing - this will lessen the need to hire contracted work.

b. Challenges
- Loss/replacement of existing Facilities supervisor.  Buinsess Manager has taken over responsibilities.  Planned new position 80% Bond, 20% Facilities.
- As the Annex Building gets older, maintenance costs increase (e.g. roof, HVAC)
- Increased requirement for event setup with ATTC grant money expansion of programs.
- Possible start up of maintenance and custodial process for new building.
- Budgetary constraints during next several years.

5. Analysis and Evaluation

  1. Analyze the implications of the assessment results and external factors for your unit.
  2. In light of your analysis, what are your unit’s main strengths?
  3. In light of your analysis, what are your unit’s main weaknesses?

a. Overall, on the District Operations Satisfation Survey 2011 (updated), Facilities received positive ratings of 88% of Satisfied or Very Satisfied or Somewhat Satisfied. 

b. The main strengths of Facilities are helpfulness (95%), courtesy (94%), and follow-through (90%).

c. The weaknesses of the unit seem to be clarity/consistency.

Currently the Facilities Department is operating very well; lack of funds due to the budget constraints have impacted operations. 

6. Three-to-Five Year Vision

  1. Describe your unit as you would like it to be three to five years from now.

District Sites should be providing a basic level of custodial, courier, maintenance, and set-up services providing for a safe and comfortable environment for staff and visitors to efficiently conduct their business.  Facilities services should be percieved as timely and responsive to staff's needs.  During the next five years, Facilities should be staffed as follows: - Supervisor to manage staff, secure resources, ensure safety training, and direct core facilities management, e.g. budgeting and preventative maintenance, i.e. HVAC, fire alarm systems, water/backflow devices, etc. - Courier to provide responsive District-wide mail/parcel delivery services during business hours.  - Day custodian for District, PDC, ATTC and Annex to provide event setup/adjustments, light maintenance,  restocking dispensers, trash maintenance, etc. during business hours. Hiring of maintenance staff or pooling of District-wide M&O resources could lead to cost savings, higher customer service, better routine maintanence.

7. Impact on the Colleges and the District

  1. Describe the most significant relationships with other District operations and College operations.
    1. What major impact does your unit have on them?
    2. .What major impact do they have on your unit?
  2. How do your mission, vision, and goals contribute to the Board Imperatives and the District and/or College mission, vision, strategic directions, and/or goals?

The District is impacted by the level of Facilities services in many ways, including:  Chancellor Office (delivery of Board materials), Printing Services (delivery of printed products), Payroll (delivery of checks), Accounts Payable (bank deposits), all Campus personnel (interoffice mail), ATTC/PDC (setup of all educational events), all District personnel (cleanliness and safety of facilities).

-  Facilities' ability to accomplish some repairs, perform maintenance, and purchase necessary supplies is impacted by the speed and efficiency of Accounts Payable.  If vendors are not paid in a timely fashion, then their response to requests from Facilities is delayed.

- Facilities' ability to perform special projects or repairs is impacted by the time required to have contracts approved by the Board.

- Facilities' ability to perform routine tasks is impacted by requests from staff to perform unscheduled duties, lift and carry, catering, last minute setups, etc.

- Event setup is impacted by communication and method of scheduling events by other departments.

- The courier's delivery schedule is impacted by special requests across the District.

The Board Imperative most impacted by the Facilities Department is "IV. Resource Management for Efficiency, Effectiveness & Excellence".  This is exhibited in the essential functions of the Facilities Department: custodial, maintenance, courier, room set-up, grounds services.

8. Other Pertinent Information

  1. Include here any other information you regard as necessary for a full understanding of your unit.

- Facilities also handles smog testing records of all District vehicles (including those on campuses), as well as registration of said vehicles with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
- Facilities maintains budget and records for long term storage of District files through an outside vendor.
- Facilities also maintains budget and oversight of maintenance for several pieces of equipment in the workroom, i.e. copier, mail machine, postage, etc.
- Facilities handles landscaping and pesticide control.
- Facilities identifies and performs tasks relating to light remodeling, plumbing, painting, office layout, equipment/furniture, and building energy efficiency.

9. Goals, Objectives, Action Plans, and Resource Requests

  1. Goals (with priority rank) over the next three years
  2. Objectives (with priority rank) under each Goal
  3. Principal Activities under each Objective, if available
  4. Timeline for completion of each Activity or Objective
  5. Person responsible for ensuring completion of each Activity or Objective
  6. Progress on or achievement of a given Goal or Objective does not necessarily require additional resources. For Goals and Objectives that do require resources, enter the following information:
    1. Resources required to achieve Goals and Objectives over the next three years, with description and rationale for each
    2. Identification of associated Goals or Objectives
    3. Type of Resource
      1. Expenditure Category
      2. One-time/Ongoing
    4. Estimated annual cost (or savings) for the next three years
  • 1 - Goal - Efficiently communicate Facilities processes and procedures
    Priority Rank:
    • 1.1 - Objective - Improve set-up procedures
      Priority Rank:
      Start Date:
      End Date:
      Responsible Person:
      Steve Sutorus
      Strategic Direction:
      Impact Type:
      -- Pick One --
      Institutional Learning Outcome:
      Not Applicable
      • 1.1.a1 - Continue to promote event set-up forms
        Start Date:
        End Date:
        Responsible Person:
      • 1.1.a2 - Evaluate alternative means of requesting set-ups
        Start Date:
        End Date:
        Responsible Person:
  • 2 - Goal - Improve responsiveness to M&O needs
    Priority Rank:
    • 2.1 - Objective - Establish M&O Vendor Pool
      Priority Rank:
      Start Date:
      End Date:
      Responsible Person:
      Steve Sutorus
      Strategic Direction:
      Impact Type:
      -- Pick One --
      Institutional Learning Outcome:
      Not Applicable
    • 2.2 - Objective - Evaluate possibility of pooling District-wide M&O resources
      Priority Rank:
      Start Date:
      End Date:
      Responsible Person:
      Steve Sutorus
      Strategic Direction:
      Impact Type:
      -- Pick One --
      Institutional Learning Outcome:
      Not Applicable
      Resource Requests:
      • 2.2.r1 - Establish District-wide M&O Pool

        A District-wide pool of M&O staff would be available for District sites projects as needed.


        Implementing this objective would allow for the Facilities department to budget and spend fewer resources on outside contractors.

        Resource Type:
        Expenditure Category:
        First Year Cost/Savings:
        Second Year Cost/Savings:
        Third Year Cost/Savings:

10. Progress Report on Last Cycle's Goals, Objectives, and Actions

  1. Estimate progress to date on each of the last cycle’s Goals, Objectives, and Activities.
  2. Any uncompleted Goals, Objectives, and Activities that are still important should appear in the Goals, Objectives, and Action Plans section above.

- Over the past year Facilities has developed a successful working model based on supervisory, administrative support, and custodial functions, providing the District with a centralized source for this function.
- Protocols have been established to allow full coverage at all sites with a reduced workforce
- HVAC Web Controls to provide for local control on heating and a/c system has been purchased and is being install during FY11
- An industrial truck bed shell was purchased during FY11. Truck can now be used for deliveries an is a replacement for the aging van
- Extensive tree timming in parking lot of District office has occurred, including removal of dead oak tree on Enterprise Drive.
- Fire extingusher has been added to Print Shop, Annex is now in full compliance.
- The utilization of handyman service for more immediate response with competitive costs has been implemented.
- A working budget has been developed and is being updated yearly based on priorities.
- Daily and annual tasks have been identified and need to be officially established.
- Forms have been developed and are being used for set-up requests.
- Environmental Health and Safety Administrator will assist with safety programs, training, etc.

11. Process and Participants

  1. Describe briefly the main steps of the process that produced this report.
  2. List the name and function of each participant in that process.
  3. Include as many members of the unit as possible in the preparation and/or review of this document. It should not be the product of the manager alone or of a small proportion of unit members.
  4. Describe the plan for future assessment cycles, particularly if not all measures were applied in current cycle.

a. Initial participation in workshops with Matthew Lee in November 2009 and March 2010, followed by refinement of draft program review and informal discussions among the Facilities staff.  Informal meeting with facilities staff have continued into FY11.  Daily feedback is solicited and received by the supervisor.

b. Ernie Higgins, Lead Custodian; Dan Kelly, Custodian, Debra Smith, Custodian/Courier, Steve Sutorus, Business Manager, Kelly Goodrich, VC Fiscal Admin Asst.

c. Plan will continue to be refined as budgets are being driven down.

12. Supporting Documents