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Id Priority Title Details
1 1 Self Sufficient User Community

Users who are self sufficient and knowledgeable about all ERP apps DCS supports and provides.

3 1 Employee Maintenance

This goal relates to the maintenance of employee job satisfaction, ability to perform job functions, and overall departmental operations efficiencies.

2 2 Quality, timely and accurate project implementation

Because most processes in business today interact in significant ways with technology, delays in implementing new systems, or systems updates, can have major negative impacts on employees' ability to perform work, or the District's ability to meet mandated requirements. Since technology projects make these updates available and project management is the control mechanism to ensure projects are done well and efficiently, lack of a structured management process generally will equate to poorly done and implemented projects. Thus, this goal requires an underlying project management structure with staff trained in its use and in the toolsets needed to meet project goals and milestones