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Id Priority Title Details
1 1 Hire additional staff to maximize potential revenue through on-air pledge drive, and membership services and acquisition, grant seeking, underwriting and KVCR Foundation.
2 3 Provide excellent community engagement and programming that accurately reflects diversity of our region.

Goal: Increase Ratings on TV

Goal will show an increase in ratings and thus total audience from 850,000 to 950,000, an 11% increase.

Action Steps:

1. Assess national program offerings within budget that are likely to draw the largest audiences (KVCR Program Manager)

2. Assess local needs and issues to address with local programs (KVCR Program Manager)

3. Work with KOCE and KLCS to develop complementary program and promotion schedules in order to assist viewers in finding programs they enjoy on one of the three PBS stations (KVCR TV Station Manager and Program Manager)