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Id Priority Title Details
1 1 Providing excellent customer service to our clientele

(1)  Improve Human Resources customer services

  • Increase HR Generalists Office Hours at the colleges and District Offices

(2)  Effectively and consistently communicating information to our clientele

  • Publish the monthly HR Newsletter
  • Create ease in access to HR website for employees
2 1 Ensure a safe and healthy working environment

(1)  Reduce the number of worker's compensation claims filed

  • Promote training and safe working habits

(2)  Develop a health and wellness program

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle to increase work-life wellness and reduce utilization of health insurance cost.
4 1 Maintain and enhance the District Long Range Staffing Plan

Ongoing review of the Long Range Staffing Plan.  Updates submitted April 2011.

6 1 Enhance the District's Training Program

(1)  Conduct a Training Needs Assesment to determine what kind of training is need.

(2)  Develop a training program for managers and classified employees.

(3)  Conduct all mandatory trainings.

(4)  Develop a training or workshop evaluation tool.

(5)  Explore new training methods and technology.

3 2 Efficiently recruiting and hiring qualified individuals.

Reduce the cycle time for recruitments

  • Work with the Hiring Manager to set up Screening Committee who will to establish criteria prior to closing date
  • Post the position within 48 hours
5 2 Human Resources Policies and Procedures

(1)  Finalize Human Resources Standard Operating Procedures Manual

  • Review, ensure currency with laws, and implement by Spring 2012

(2)  Update Human Resources Board Policies and Administrative Procedures

  • Review, ensure currency with laws, and implement one Board Policy and Administrative Procedure per quarter