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Class Schedule
as of 10/20/2014 06:40:29 AM Pacific Daylight Time


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Crafton Hills College
Summer 2014
Computer Information Systems

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Course Information

Course Name : CIS-091

Course Title : College Keyboarding and File Management

Course Description : Computer keyboarding, file management and using the Internet as a research tool. Includes location of alphabetic, numeric and symbol keys by touch.

Additional Course Information

Credit Type : Earned units for this course are applicable to an Associate Degree.

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Sections Offered
Ref# Sec Days Start End Type Units Building Room Instructor
0074 01 --TWR-- 08:00A 08:30A LEC 2.00 LADM 101 Vasquez,A
    --TWR-- 08:40A 10:00A LAB   LADM 101 Vasquez,A
This section has been cancelled.

Note : 10 week class from 06/03/14 to 08/07/14.