One of the founding members of the CHC Foundation was philanthropist Ruben Finkelstein. Ruben and his brother, Lester, donated the land for CHC in the late 1960's. They were both extremely proud and supportive of the college. CHC is a legacy to the Finkelstein brothers' support for education and love for people.

The CHC Foundation is comprised of community volunteers. Board members for 2013-2014 are:

 President  David E. Raley
 Vice President  Donald J. Nydam
 Secretary  Dr. Cheryl Marshall*
 Chief Financial Officer  Mike Strong
 Director of Resource Development  Karen Childers**

 Director  Denise Allen
 Director  Joanna Averett
 Director  Lynn Bogh Baldi
 Director  Gordon A. Clopine
 Director  Cheryl A. Cox
 Director  Donna M. Ferracone
 Director  Gloria Macias Harrison
 Director  Sam Irwin
 Director  William Lindsey
 Director  William M. Nassar
 Director  Tommi Ng
 Director  James C. Ramos
 Director  Claire Marie Teeters
 Director  Robert J. Temple
 Director  Michelle Tinoco
 Director  Lillian Vasquez
 Director  Betty Jo Wood

 Staff  Ericka N. Paddock
 Michelle Riggs
 Staff  Nicole Rodriquez
 Staff  Rebeccah Warren-Marlatt
 Student  Patrick Dorsey

 Director Emeritus
 Ann Atkinson
 Director Emeritus  Lillian Eaton
 Director Emeritus  Leland Finkelstein
 Director Emeritus  Carleton W. Lockwood, Jr.
 Director Emeritus  Stephen Miller
 Director Emeritus  Ron C. Mutter
 Director Emeritus  Ray Quinto
 Director Emeritus  Kirk G. Stitt

* President, Crafton Hills College

** Director of Resource Development, Crafton Hills College