Welcome to the Child Development Center at Crafton Hills College! The upcoming year is certain to be filled with many exciting events and activities for you and your child. We are delighted you will be participating in our program.

We’ve designed this Parent Handbook to give you an overview of the Center’s policies and procedures, and to explain our approach to planning educational experiences for children. We believe children learn through play and active involvement with people, places, and things. Our curriculum is designed to be appropriate for the developmental capabilities of each child, and is implemented with attention to children’s differing needs, interests, and backgrounds. We also value the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of our families, and we hope that you will plan to visit the school often and participate in our special celebrations.

Our goal is to partner with you as your child grows, and to provide the best possible environment for your child to learn and explore. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions please contact us. Our goal is to work together, as a team, to provide a positive learning experience for your child and for you.


Child Development Center Administration
Child Development Department

Parent Handbook (pdf)