A Dozen Things You Can Do To Support CHC

  1. Ask if your employer would be willing to hire one or more interns from CHC.
  2. Invite all the graduates in your major (e.g. history), to an afternoon get together.
  3. Encourage your family and friends to apply for admission to CHC.
  4. Ask if your employer would consider making an annual gift to CHC in support of an area of study of direct interest to the company.
  5. Volunteer as a tutor.
  6. Volunteer to work in the library or other areas of the college where your skills and experience may be helpful.
  7. Bring special and important friends to campus for lunch and give them a tour.
  8. Keep Alumni Relations updated with your address, e-mail, and personal successes.
  9. Wear clothing imprinted with the CHC logo to community events.
  10. Attend college functions and participate in Alumni & Friends events and services.
  11. Visit the college web site at least once a month.
  12. Make an annual gift.