Publish Date: 1-29-2014, 16:51 p.m.

Crafton Hills College Art Gallery Presents Rachel Lauren Kaster: History, Mystery, and a Golden Truth. Closing Reception Thursday, February 27 from 4:30-7:00pm. Crafton Hills College Art Gallery. 11711 Sand Canyon Road, Yucaipa, Ca 92399. Phone 909-389-3349. Exit I-10 at Yucaipa Blivd. Travel east on Yucaipa Blvd. Turn left on Sand Canyon Road. Turn right on Campus Drive. Parking is free during the Reception. Gallery hours Monday - Thursday, 10am-4pm or by appointment.,


Rachel Lauren Kaster is a multi-media artist, performer and educator whose work has been exhibited throughout the United States. She earned her BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art, holds an MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and currently lives and creates in Los Angeles.

Artist Statement

I think of my work as an invitation to consider the interplay between form and material, between objects and people. In my work I cast familiar objects in unfamiliar materials, exploring the role material plays in creating our expectations and assumptions about the world we inhabit.

In some of my work I will display an object that is composed of an unlikely and provocative material. In others I will invite the viewer to see their self in a new and unexpected way. In all of my work I seek to create a vision that is similar and yet quite different from mundane reality.

Ultimately, while my work does not have one single theme, I strive to make work that will lead the viewer to engage in a moment of fantasy, to imagine a world in which materials such as wood, glass and metal have unlimited potential. A world in which an axe made of glass is as likely as a torso made of bronze. Each work contains a story, and my hope as an artist is that my audience will be inspired to craft, one as they view the work.

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