Publish Date: 12/19/2013 2:05 PM

You may notice a lot more fences popping up around campus this semester.  In addition to the new OE2 building and the PE Complex, CHC fenced off for the new science building.  The building is slated for the grassy area between Parking Lot F and the CHS Building. This construction will close Lot F, limit student parking in Lot E, and close the walkway between OE1 and Lot F.  Pedestrian access to/from the Bookstore will be detoured around Lot F by crossing the street and using the MSA sidewalk then crossing back onto the sidewalk between Lot G & H.  

Science Building
Opening August 2015Left-pointing arrow

Crafton Center
Opening August 2015
Down-pointing arrow

In the spring, fencing will begin for the new Crafton Center, which will impact Lot C. Crafton Center will be built in the grassy quad area, in the footprint of the old Library that was demolished in 2011. The impacts during the construction of this project will continue through fall 2015.

We ask for your patience and cooperation as we transform Crafton Hills College with new facilities that will serve students for years to come.

Note green fence lines and blue temporary walkway lines in this schematic for an idea of what’s coming.

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