Publish Date: 4-9-2013, 10:23 a.m.

The 2011-2012 budget cuts resulted in the elimination of summer school in 2012 at Crafton Hills College and at many community colleges throughout the state. This year, due to the generous donations of interested community members and the passage of Proposition 30, the college will offer 46 transfer-level, degree-applicable, and career education classes. The first five-week session begins on June 3rd and ends July3rd, and the second runs from July 8 - August 8. A concurrent ten-week session features primarily English, mathematics, science, and foreign language classes.

The college has been committed to reinstating its summer session. Local and national data show participation in summer session is positively related to transfer and degree completion.

The CHC staff and students appreciate the financial support we have received from our local community.

Summer, 2013 Sponsors

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
Redlands Sunrise Rotary
AHBE Architects
CHC Student Senate
CHC Classified Senate
James Davidson
Dawn Meagher
Harvey Ricketts
Donald J. Nydam
Gloria Macias Harrison
SOS Walk-a-Thon
Steve Zorn
Phrasiah Mwaniki
Dr. Diane Pfahler
Israel Armijo
Erin Wheeler
Monica Alvarez
Karen Walsh
Theresa Palmer
Donna Lowy
Arcelia Padilla
Joan Speer
Elizabeth Langenfeld
Elizabeth Cohen
Ryan Bartlett
Diana Tuttle
Harriet Blume
David E. Raley

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