Publish Date: 11-2-2012, 17:00 p.m.

Amy Andrews is a mother of four children, one of which serves in the U.S. Army.  She is also a former student at Crafton Hills College and longtime resident of Yucaipa. Amy is a courageous and outspoken survivor of human trafficking here in Southern California. She works with organizations including San Bernardino County Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation, Forgotten Children, and California Against Slavery, sharing her story of exploitation and abuse to freedom and survivorship.  She works closely with the District Attorney’s office and county agencies in the fight against trafficking of minors.  She has been in many literal and emotional prisons throughout her life, and has come out of them all a more empathetic and courageous woman of character. 

Amy will share her story and teach listeners how to look differently at the trade of selling human being on Wednesday, November 14 at noon in the LRC Auditorium (LRC 231).

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