Publish Date: 5-11-2012, 12:47 p.m.

The Crafton Hills College Foundation hosted the Annual Student Recognition Dinner on May 4. In a room elegantly decorated by the Student Senate in a Phantom of the Opera motif, more than forty students were each presented with an engraved glass plaque as they were honored by the various programs and departments. The event was sponsored by the Crafton Hills College Foundation. In addition, the students honored four faculty members:

Most Accessible – T.L. Brink, Professor of Psychology
Most Knowledgeable – Dr. Jim Holbrook, Professor of Emergency Medical Services
Most Effective Communicator – Steve Shelton, Speech instructor
Educator of the Year – Dr. Diane Pfahler, Professor of Psychology

The winning students, their awarding departments and home towns are:
  • Beaumont: Alice Miank, Health & PE
  • Calimesa: David Corydon, Japanese; William Matula, Theater Arts
  • Colton: Jill Fletcher, Cal Works 
  • Grand Terrace: Sonia Kurunathan; Biology
  • Highland: Marcus Dashoff, Honors; Cameron Doussett, Education; Olivia Favela, Fine Arts; Stephanie Holmes, Chemistry; Shari Yoshimitsu, Physics 
  • Loma Linda: Steve Hergert, CISCO; Ryan Pulido, Biology; David Soeprono, DSPS; Adrienne Gallant, Political Sci. 
  • Mentone: Jesse Cowser, Theater Arts; Caitlin Walsh, Humanities; Jonathan Watson, Spanish 
  • Redlands: Christopher Brandstetter, Fire Science; Diana Coffey, Psychology; Cornell Davis, Business; Nathan Dunn, English; James Gilliam III, French; Michael Gorby, Mathematics; Anne Grove, Anthropology; Janet Lopez, Library; Kyrie Nuno, CARE; Daniel Peart, Music; Christy Snider, Microbiology
  • San Bernardino: Charles Crosby, Respiratory Care;Gina Kim, Japanese; Jennifer Neal, Tutoring; Rebecca Robinson, American Sign Language
  • Yucaipa: Christina Eaton, Child Development; Agustin Equihua, Student Senate; John Fowlkes, Sociology; Brenden Hampton, Theater Arts; Bradley Harjehausen, History; Amanda Harris, EOPS; Lucas Manning, Tutoring; Chanel Perry, Anatomy & Physiology; Jamie Riley, Speech; Daniel Stolp, History

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