Publish Date: 12-18-2012, 15:25 p.m.

 (Full class) The 77th Basic Fire Academy from Crafton Hills College and their Academy Chief are shown above: First Row (Sitting) Left to Right: Derek Alford, Jason Buchan, Zach Pierini, Derick Mitre, Jamie Moran, Carlos Sandoval, Abraham Marquez, Bradyn Spaccarotelli, Peter Clement, Jarid Lesh Back Row (Standing) Left to Right: Academy Chief Dan Sullivan, Alex Provonsha, Zach Hoffman, Jesse Sparks, Christian Valdez, Chris Harris, Brandon Lange, Tanya Torres, Nick Glaze, Trevor Valdez, Vinh Nguyen

They graduated at the Finkelstein Performing Arts Center on campus in November.
The Crafton Hills College (CHC) 77th Basic Firefighter Training Academy Graduation Ceremony took place at the Finkelstein Performing Arts Center on November 14. Fire Academy 77 graduated 20 new cadets who received their certificates from Dean June Yamamoto, President Cheryl Marshall, Trustee Donna Ferracone and Interim Executive Vice President Rebeccah Warren-Marlatt before a packed house. San Bernardino Country Fire Chief Mark Hartwig and Chief Dan Sullivan spoke to the crowd of well-wishers, congratulating the graduates and providing words of wisdom. Jamie Moran spoke as the Academy Leader and the cadets presented Chief Sullivan and the school with a lovely commemorative plaque. There was a moment of silence in honor of alumnus Fire Captain Douglas D. Heller-Taylor.

The members of the newest Fire Academy graduating class from Crafton Hills College, with their Academy titles and home towns, are:

Derek Alford (Lake Arrowhead); Jason Buchan (Wrightwood), Guidon; Peter Clement (Rancho Cucamonga), Color Guard; Nicholas Glaze (Redlands), Association Treasurer; Chris Harris (Ontario), Squad 2 Leader; Zachary Hoffman (Pinon Hills); Brandon Lange (Forsyth, Montana), Squad 4 Leader; Jarid Lesh (Cherry Valley), Color Guard; Abraham Marquez (Rialto); Derick Mitre (Highland), Squad 1 Leader; Jamie Moran (Beaumont), Academy Leader; Anvinh Nguyen (Fontana); Zachariah Pierini (Norco); Alex Provonsha (Yucaipa), Association President; Carlos Sandoval (Bloomington), Squad 3 Leader; Bradyn Spaccarotelli (Rancho Cucamonga); Jesse James Sparks (San Bernardino), Color Guard; Tanya Torres (Rancho Cucamonga); Christian Valdez (Upland), Color Guard; and Trevor Valdez (Highland).

The following cadets received special recognition:

  • Academy Leader: Jamie Moran was officially recognized and congratulated for his outstanding leadership achievement and his extra efforts as the leader of the 77th Fire Academy.
  • Most Inspirational Cadet: Tanya Torres was officially recognized and congratulated for her exceptional efforts as the Outstanding Cadet of the Crafton Hills College 77th Fire Academy. 
  • Academy Equipment and Off-site Equipment: Bradyn Spaccarotelli was recognized for his outstanding efforts in ensuring the Fire Academy equipment was always in a state of readiness and for issuing and maintaining Personal Protective Equipment for the cadets of the 77th Fire Academy. 
  • Academy Achievement Award: Brandon Lange was officially recognized and congratulated for his outstanding achievement in receiving the highest overall score in the Crafton Hills College 77th Fire Academy.

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