Publish Date: 4-10-2012, 0:00 a.m.

Composers Recital

Tuesday, April 17 @ Noon
PAC 308, $5.00

The CHC Composers Collective is a group of students that compose pieces for a specific instrumental ensemble and produce a live performance of their works. The CHC Composers Collective is one of the only ongoing community college collectives that regularly produce recitals of original works. The CHC Composers Collective was founded in 2004. Students from the Collective have gone on to music programs at UCLA, UCSB, CSUSB, U of R, CalArts, and UCB. Co-founder John Sisk has recently earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music from UCLA, co-founder Zach Neufeld recently earned his Bachelor’s degree in composition from University of Redlands and is currently in the graduate program at UCLA, and past members James Sharp and Scott Simonson are currently pursuing music degrees in the graduate school at University of Redlands. This recital will feature works by CHC students and faculty.

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