Publish Date: 10-10-2011, 9:45 a.m.

The 2nd Bi-Annual Day of Advocacy - Crafton Students Speak Out! will be held Wednesday, October 12 @ Noon - Quad Area, Bottom of LADM Breezeway Steps.

The following students will be Speaking Out on the following topics:

Stop Your Mindless Existence. Question Authority!
Jess Mann

Stop Wasting Your Time and Mine, DON’T Vote Lucas Manning

Playing Ourselves to Death: The Reality of Video Game Addiction Andre Burdette

Mis amigos, abracemos la lengua.!
Anaiza Moreno

I Am One Crazy Bitch!
AJ Oram

It’s Your Body, Love it or Leave it
Anna Williams

Keep the Feds OUT of our Beds!
John Fowlkes

Rockin the Boobies. Breast Milk does a Body Good Bailey Carrillo

The Planet Detox Diet
Maria Winters

Booze and Cruise --You Lose
Carly Austin

Wake Up Fat America!
Jaime Riley

For more information:

Jimmy Urbanovich
Assistant Professor of Speech Communication Crafton Hills College

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