Publish Date: 11-7-2011, 11:36 a.m.

SBCCD Sustainability Plan Feedback


In 2010, Chancellor Baron established a Sustainability Plan Committee under shared governance to begin the implementation of Board Policy 3580 - Sustainability. The development of a Sustainability Plan was the Committee’s first project, which is linked here in draft format.

This sustainability plan is our first venture into planning specifically how we will achieve the goals of sustainability, and will enable us to address sustainability in a holistic manner, while adapting sustainability principles to local conditions and needs.

We are proud to join with colleges and universities across the state in an effort to lessen our environmental impact and to improve the quality of life for our students, faculty and staff and for those in our communities.

Draft Sustainability Plan (pdf)

Public Input

At this time, we are requesting input and feedback from faculty/students, and staff.

Please take the time to review the San Bernardino Community College District Draft Sustainability Plan and provide feedback by no later than November 30,2011.

Your comments will be reviewed and considered by the Sustainability Plan Committee for incorporation into the final plan as appropriate. To do so, please fill in the feedback box!

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