Publish Date: 3-8-2011, 8:17 a.m.
By : Dean Richard Hogrefe


Please join the CHC Speech Communication Department for a day of Public Advocacy while practicing our constitutional right to Free Speech! Students and Advocates will gather at the Designated Public Forum in front of the flagpole area (near old the library) from 11 - 1 on Wednesday, March 16. See list of speakers

Anaiza Moreno: Support and Educate Undocumented Students

Aaron Mazich: Abolish all Parking Fees During Construction

Faviola Hernandez: Rise Up Female Youth!

Rachael Rodriguez: Abolish Student Learning Outcomes

Andrew Hebenton: The Personal Revolution: Live Heaven on Earth

Noel Schardein: Use Marijuana over Traditional Medications

Aya Sifford: The Need for a Crafton Alternative Lifestyle Panel

Bobby Imbriani: Legalize Gay Marriage Today!

Veronica Widman : Boycott Corporations…..Support Local Business and Trade

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