Publish Date: 2-7-2011, 12:25 p.m.
By : Alisa Moore, Esq.

Crafton Hills College has been informed that it is no longer under any accreditation sanctions, and the school’s superlative work to bring the institution into compliance was highly praised by the evaluating team of educators. The College’s accreditation has been fully reaffirmed by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) as of January 31, 2011.  

President Gloria Macías Harrison said, “This is the best possible resolution we could have hoped for – a complete recognition of the hard work and dedication of our faculty, staff, students and administrators in rising to the challenges placed on us by the commission’s recommendations for integrated planning, use and acquisition of data, participatory decision-making and planning, fiscal planning, and program review. In addition, I want to acknowledge the support of the Board of Trustees, and the commitment of Chancellor Baron and the District Office in addressing those recommendations that applied to their strategic and fiscal planning, allocation model, and other district functions. Finally, the support of the community for Crafton Hills College never wavered and we appreciate that more than I can say.”

According to Interim Chancellor Bruce Baron, this step by the ACCJC is absolutely appropriate. “Crafton Hills College took each recommendation made by the ACCJC to heart, responding fully, completely and professionally – and as a result, the College’s planning, communication and decision-making processes are aligned and transparent, and the District’s policies and procedures have been substantially improved as well. I am so pleased for both the Crafton Hills community and the San Bernardino Community College District as a whole. We can now move forward, institutionalizing many of these best practices across the District.”  

Crafton Hills College was placed on probation in January, 2009.  According to the ACCJC’s letter to CHC, “Probation is issued when an institution deviates significantly from the Commission’s Eligibility Requirements, Accreditation Standards, or policies, or fails to respond to actions and conditions imposed by the Commission. The accredited status of the institution continues during the probation period. However, the institution’s accreditation will not be reaffirmed until the conditions which warranted the warning are addressed to meet Commission Standards.” (emphasis provided by the ACCJC). The ACCJC’s concerns did not address educational quality, but rather internal processes and procedures of the institution and the district.

Any institution accredited by the ACCJC files regular reports on their policies and procedures and how those are implemented in conjunction with the ACCJC’s standards. Then teams of academics and researchers from other institutions visit the school to ensure that the reports accurately reflect the compliance of that school with those standards, and the team issues a report that reflects their findings after the visit.

The team members’ report to Crafton Hills College in October 2010, lauded the school, noting that “Both team members participating in this follow-up visit were members of the original accreditation team that visited Crafton Hills College in October 2008 and had the opportunity to return for the October 2009 follow-up visit.  We wish to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work that both Crafton Hills and the District office have completed in their efforts to bring Crafton Hills into compliance with all accreditation standards.  The results are impressive and are so well done that they could be used as models for other colleges struggling to develop integrated planning tools.”

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