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Welcome to the Crafton Hills College eLumen Website!

To Log into eLumen – click on the following link:

Step-by-step guide to navigating eLumen 

If you have assessed your SLOs in a previous semester, and wish to conduct the same assessment in the current semester, here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your eLumen scorecard.

What is eLumen?

eLumen Achievement Software is the web-based system designed to help faculty and departments collect evidence of Student Learning Outcomes for their courses and programs. The goal is to help Crafton Hills College make the student experience better by improving the quality of the courses and programs we offer. This website serves as the gateway to eLumen.

What you can do in eLumen:

  • Work on the SLOS for the courses you teach.
  • Review your SLOs, Rubrics, and the method you will use to evaluate the SLOs.
  • Score your students’ performance on the SLOs using the easy-to-use Scorecard.
  • Get instant access to the results for analysis, discussion and improvement.

Steps to using eLumen:

  1. Log in using your provided user ID and password. Contact Gary Williams if you don't have one.
  2. Under “Institution" Select CHC, and press "Login"
 eLumen Login Screen

Once Logged in, you will be taken to the Welcome Screen. Click on the semester that you wish to work on:

Score Students screenshot

The List of courses that you teach for that given semester will appear:

  List of Courses screenshot

Clicking on a given course will provide you a set of options:

 Course Options screenshot

Click on “Score Students" to go to the evaluation scorecard for that particular course:

 Evaluation Scorecard screenshot

Scores are saved the moment you enter them. When you finish – click on “Return to what I was doing" to return to the course screen.

Results of assessments are just as easy to access. Click on links at the bottom of the screen to view a list of individual student scores, or aggregate totals of student achievement results:

 Assessment Results screenshot