I have a voicemail which was transferred to my email, but I don't have any speakers on my computer. How can I listen to this message?

Once a voicemail message has been transferred to your email and you click on the message, the system no longer considers it a new message. To access the message, select the messages button on your phone and use the option for old or saved messages. The message will be in your ‘saved’ messages.

I can't hear my voice mail messages on my computer. What do I do?

Here's how it works:
1. A message is left.
2. That message is saved in your voice mail box and a central server which turns it into a WAVE file and places it in your email.
3a. IF you retrieve the voice message from your phone the message disappears from your e-mail
3b. IF you click on the email the voice message is removed from your new messages and saved.
4. In the case of 3b, to receive the message you pick up your phone, select the messages button on the front of the phone, enter your password, You will be informed that you have no NEW messages (this is because the message has now been SAVED). Continue to listen to your options in messages and you will be given the opportunity to listen to saved messages.

You do not need speakers or sound to retrieve these messages.

How do I access my voice mail from home or another off-campus location?

In order to access your voicemail from home or other remote location:
Dial 389-3300-you will hear the auto attendant-press # to bypass this message
Enter your ID (your extension) and press #
Enter your password and press #