Why are there two different networks (segments) ADMIN and ACDEM? Why can I not use both on my computer?

The College network administrators have a difficult dilemma of having to shield the system from both internal and external attacks from hackers. With every new group of students comes a brand new crop of potential hackers with the skills to compromise the security of the network.

Students must have computers and access to the Internet to help with their education. The administrative staff of the school also needs computers and access to a secure network environment. One of the best solutions to this problem is having two (or more) separate networks. Each network with a different security policy and with carefully controlled access between the networks. This has been one of our security solutions here at the college.

The students have a fairly open network conducive to learning and information processing. Administrative functions require a cautious or strict approach to the network to protect information and data. So special care must be taken to keep them separate while trying to keep outsiders from hacking both systems.

Obtain a District login or email account

In order for a new employee to obtain an District email account and login, the SBCCD User Application form must be completed. Download the form (pdf). Once completed, the application must be signed by the person's supervisor and sent to District Computing (District Office). The form should be directed to the attention of Jose Rivas. The process generally takes about a week or so.

Note to Supervisors - The CHC Technology Services Department does not create these logins or email accounts, that can only be done using the process described above. Supervisors should contact the District Help Desk 384-4357 as soon as possible when a hiring decision is made to ensure that newly hired employees will have both a login and email account when they begin work at the college.